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BEPO Bio Essential Plant Oil 250 ml

BEPO Bio Essential Plant Oil

BEPO is an ideal blend of organic essential plant-based oils, with balanced ratios of omega-3 and omega-6 EFAs from flax, evening primrose, sunflower and pumpkin seed oils. The omega-3 fatty acids are derived from linolenic acid, with the principle omega-3 being ALA (alpha-linolenic acid), that further converts to EPA (eicosapentaenoic) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) in the body. The omega-6 fatty acids are also derived from linolenic acid and converts to GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), providing protective and anti-inflammatory properties.

Mag Max 90 Capsules 200 mg

Mag Max Liquid 250 ml
Mag Max 120 Capsules

Magnesium is a cofactor in more than 300 enzyme systems that regulate diverse biochemical reactions in the body, including protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, and blood pressure regulation.

Mag Max supports electrolyte balance and the body's ability to metabolize nutrients. It also helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth, maintain proper muscle function & tissue formation, and supports proper muscle function, including the heart muscle.

Pureway-C 90 Capsules

Pureway-C 90 Capsules

Pureway-C™ is a biolipid and bioflavonoid proprietary form of vitamin C. Transported rapidly into cells on fatty acid carriers while being protected from oxidizers, Pureway-C™ has been proven to have a 233% higher retention in the human body than compared to other forms of vitamin C.

PureWay-C™ is manufactured using a novel propriety process that combines ascorbic acid with natural lipid metabolites derived from vegetable fat and citrus bioflavonoids.


CardioTonic 45 Capsules

CardioTonic is a cardiovascular and microcirculation formula with herbs that provides multi-target protection for the heart and blood vessels. It acts to improve circulation, increase blood flow, lower total cholesterol, reduce plaque formation, and prevent thrombosis – all factors that contribute to angina, heart attack, stroke and pulmonary embolism.

MK7 Vitamin K2

MK7 Vitamin K2 90 Capsules

MK7 Vitamin K2 is an essential fat-soluble vitamin important for optimal bone and cardiovascular health. It regulates the transport and distribution of calcium in the body. K2 variant MK-7 surpasses other K2 forms due to its superior bioavailability, longer half-life, and lower dosage requirement. K2VITAL® is the purest, most active and proven safe Vitamin K2 as MK-7.

Zinc Copper Pro

Zinc Copper Pro 120 Capsules

Zinc Copper Pro is perfect combination of zinc picolinate and copper bisglycinate, both are highly absorbable forms of essential minerals needed for the immune system, maintaining energy levels in the body, and to support healthy and vibrant skin, hair, and nails. A proper balance of zinc and copper is important, as over supplementation in either mineral can cause a deficiency in the other.

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